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Smokin’ On Broadway

“Smokin’ on Broadway” is the premier event organized annually by the Chamber of Commerce. Originally a modest barbecue competition, it has evolved into one of southwest Nebraska’s most prominent events. The Chamber of Commerce hosts this event not only to foster community engagement but also to attract visitors from outside the area, showcasing the vibrant charm of Imperial. What began as a simple BBQ contest has expanded to include a live band concert, further enhancing the festivities. Additionally, the event promotes local 501(c)(3) organizations through the Chase County Challenge in conjunction with the Imperial Foundation Fund, which impressively raised over $100,000 in its inaugural year. Smokin’ on Broadway offers an evening filled with fun and delicious food for attendees of all ages, aligning perfectly with the mission of the Imperial Chamber of Commerce.

Saturday, June 29th

Chase County Fairgrounds


Gates open at 4pm



Annual Christmas Festival

The Christmas Festival, organized annually by the Chamber, brings families together to celebrate the holidays. The event features friendly competitions among businesses for the best festive decorations, a housing tour with a competition for the best Christmas light display, and various children’s activities. Kids can write letters to Santa, tell Santa themselves their Christmas wishes, participate in a cake walk, and enjoy an evening parade with illuminated floats and music, ensuring fun for everyone.

November 2024


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Annual Chili Cookoff

The annual chili cook off originated as a friendly competition among a few Chamber members to see who could create the best chili recipe. Over time, it has grown significantly, similar to the Smokin’ on Broadway event. Today, all proceeds from the cookoff are donated to community organizations that serve the Chase County area. 

January 2025


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Annual Christmas Festival
Smokin On Broadway 2024
Smokin On Broadway Live Music
Smokin On Broadway Annual Event

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